décembre 26, 2017


The unique character of the SEWI allows women entrepreneurs from Morocco and from the World once a year to reflect on the best development paths for their companies and to grasp the challenges that will shape the world of tomorrow. Two paths seem essential for us to be in the race for wealth creation via entrepreneurship: innovation and digital.

Friday, March 02, 2017


The time of the assessment:

A morning dedicated to the institutional framework, the business environment, partners, incentive mechanisms, benchmarks able to constitute a photograph of the evolution of parity in the field of innovation.

9h30-11h Plenary Session 1: Institutional levers to promote innovation

This roundtable will allow you to take a break from what is essential to learn about the contribution of committed institutions to stimulate and reinforce this path of excellence.

11h-12h30 Plenary Session 2: The ecosystem as a stimulating framework for the entrepreneurship of the future

At a time when most professions of the future do not exist yet, it is crucial that women benefit from the support of a stimulating ecosystem that will foster the emergence of competitive businesses.

12h30-14h Lunch break

The time of action:

An afternoon where we ask ourselves questions about the right place of women in the more technical universes, less borrowed by women, where spots will be put on courses to share a reflection, an experience, a know how and especially inspire to act, bounce back ..

14h-15h15 / Talk 1: Innovation in 2018: moving from idea to action

Innovation is as essential as it is complex. Pioneering women will tell us how they have put innovative ideas and concepts into practice to create high-impact business and their advice to foster the emergence and conception of new ideas. Innovations and initiatives will be waiting for you.

3:15 pm – 4:30 pm / Talk 2: the digital economy: Witch place on the podium?

This Talk highlights women who have made digital technology a growth driver for their company and who will share with us the challenges they had to face to perform in this ever-changing world.

16: 30-17: 30 / Talk 3: « University and entrepreneurship, two different worlds ? »

Many young women take the path of university studies and aspire to a classical career.

What place does the desire to undertake within the university occupy? what are the profiles of women who are still succeeding in this field and why? What are the environments that promote entrepreneurship?

What models can be put in place, break stereotypes and constitute an economic force?

Saturday, March 03, 2018



B to B and contest:

– Business Networking sessions between Moroccan and international women entrepreneurs.

– Organization for young women pioneers and others a « Hackaproject » to mount their projects.

– Organization of a video contest « portraits of women » and projection of the capsules during the SEWI.

Hackaproject SEWI

  • Training sessions around communication, ideation, teamwork and argumentation.
  • Pitching and projects presentation